Have you ever thought,

“Wow, I am so In Control of my life right now.

What I wouldn’t give up to be Out of Control.”

Well, escape the dull pains of your fully controlled life,
and join this not-relatable mushroom guy!
 Look at him, all cute and tiny!

Unlike you, he is going through something rough right now. He's on a train that’s barreling down the tracks towards an inevitable death. 

And, to make matters…more interesting—to say the least—he has to relive it over and over again. Sounds like fun, right?

Delicately handcrafted by The Streblow Brothers, this fine example of uncontrolled experience delivers all the wit, charm, poise, character development, and life-changing epiphanies that one would expect from 48 hours of development.

This game is just the ticket to take you out of your monotonous, incredibly self-controlled life, and into the great mystery beyond the mountain.

So play
The Out of Control Train That’s Out of Control
and experience Losing Control.

The Streblow Brothers
Ethan Streblow: Writing, Graphic Design, Music, Sound Effects
Evan Streblow: Programming
Noah Streblow: Art


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I liked the little anecdotes, and this seems like an interesting idea. :) I think perhaps the text could've been a little bigger, and broken up more? Because of how small it was I kind of had troubles reading.